I've never had one, always done my own thing and pushed myself to trainings and through tough sessions but at the same time I also gave up pretty easily by myself as well!
After meeting up with this chicky (Sam from Move Eat Play) at the Sydney City 2 Surf over the weekend, committing to each other to run it together (I was reluctant as she is so much fitter than me!) and to smash out the first 7km without stopping - which we did (including Heartbreak Hill!) it has made me see just how beneficial having a training partner can be. I know 100% I would have stopped running at 5km on the day, only because I was constantly telling myself before the race that was as far as I could run and I was "okay" with that and things like it's fine to walk the hill, you don't have to run it!
Having each other there to push and encourage was fantastic and an awesome way to run past our comfort zones and challenge ourselves fully!

I know I finished the race feeling 1000% satisfied with my efforts and proud of the race I put in.
Next event I do (maybe the Auckland Marathon (half) I think I will find training partners and race buddies for the day.

I also have to highlight again just how important good running shoes are, Im still recovering from a pulled achilles that I did after a short run in my gym shoes while on holiday (I forgot to pack by adidas boosts)......if you are on the hunt for a great pair to get your run training underway be sure to try on a pair of adidas ultra boost and see for yourself.

PS Bondi Beach is just AMAZING we couldn't help play around in the sand and water post race!
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