How important is it to have a decent pair of running shoes?

Very important! I was just in Sydney over the weekend to watch the Netball World Cup and to make sure I kept my fitness and activity up while on holiday I decided to go for a run around Darling Harbour with my friend.

I hadn't packed my running shoes only a pair of cross trainers and about 20 minutes into the run I pulled my left Achilles!

Couldn't continue running and had to limp home. I was so gutted but as soon as I did it I knew it was because I wasn't in the correct shoes.

I usually run in my adidas boost and whether its 4km or 14km my Achilles and calves are always fine during and post run.

If you are road running or taking on a new run challenge being fitted for a good pair of running shoes that suit your feet is important and absolute key to prevent injuries and enjoy your running a lot more!

I'm onto my 3rd pair of adidas Boost running shoes after trying many brands years ago and hands down these are my fave and perfect for my feet.

The cushioning and support is fantastic and regardless of distance they stay comfortable all the way.

I find Shoe Clinic or Shoe Science great stores to visit for running shoe advice. ‪#‎alwayspackyourrunningshoes‬ ‪#‎adidasboost‬ ‪#‎team boost‬

Makaia Carr xxx

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