Last month I was lucky enough to compete in the Sydney City 2 Surf event. Every year over 90,000 people flood to Hyde Park to participate in this 14km run, beating the pavement, while enjoying loads of entertainment and music along the way and finishing in stunning Bondi Beach.

It was the first time I had done this event, and to be honest I will be trying to get back each year to do it again - it was a really awesome, fun and well run day.

City 2 Surf was also a great event to wear my adidas Ultra Boost shoes, which I must add are seriously awesome running shoes. They are my go-to running shoe and I’ve had a few pairs over the past few years and they are they are ideal shoes for runners at any level of training.

I enjoyed having a challenge like this 14km booked in to keep me active and motivated over the winter months. It’s important for me to have goals and events spread throughout the year to keep my training on track and fitness levels up.

Building up to this event I was doing a lot of yoga, strength training and running (probably not enough actually) but I think just keeping active is the main thing and maintaining a foundation of fitness within.

Change up your approach to suit the climate, try new sports and activities and keep that wave of motivation happening all year.

There is nothing better than spring and summer hitting and you are already fit, strong, healthy and ready to enjoy your summer with confidence.

Makaia Carr xx

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