So I get sent quite a lot of products to try out, beauty, food, fitness and more. Some I try, I love and I share with you, some I try, are OK and I don't share, others I have no use for and give away to family, friends or as prizes on Social Media.
This particular product below was sent to me ages ago, prob mid last year and I just kept delaying using it as I was pretty happy with my TailorSkincare routine. However just before I went to Hawaii last year my moisturiser had run out and in a rush to find something I grabbed the WaiWai LoveSkin that was sitting in my office - and as you can see below I've used it right to the very end!!! It was then I contacted the company to let them know that I've finally tried it and I absolutely loved it! (I don't use many products I trial to the very bottom and you only hear about the ones I do!) so they have offers our team here a fabulous discount code that will last for 2 weeks only! (Details below)
I used this oil 2-3 times a week within my usual Tailor routine. I used it mainly after evening showers when I wanted something beautifully smelling, hydrating and special to put on or some mornings after a shower and cleansing for the same reasons.
It's the blend and aroma that I really love - it's actually really is LOVE for your skin! It feels like such a treat - but you know it's all natural, organic, botanical oils made right here in NZ!

They come in 3 sizes and range from $25-$60 in price. 3 blends that all do different things . Seriously they are just magical and a lovely addition to your current regime.
Great gift ideas too - I'm sending my mum some as I know she will love them!

Check out the range and read more in this lovely brand and magical product at:
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We all love beautiful smelling oils for our face and these are a must :)