Busy ladies, well those that are stressed out, moody, emotional, crazy, angry, anxious, lethargic or nervous? I guess that pretty much covers all of us at some stage of the day, week or month, doesn't it?
Esp when our house, office or general life looks like mine at the moment!
I'm going to share my little secret pill that I use to help balance all those erratic emotions we experience when day to day life gets on top of us (sounds dodgy I know! But it's not. Lol!) I've shared this product only twice before on here as I do feel a little uncomfortable talking about pills without these sounding like depression drugs (trust me they are not.
They are a natural supplement that help balance hormones) and I've just started recently taking them again.
30Plus NuWoman - I took these for about 6 months last year and stopped around November. Near the end of these recent school holidays I was flipping out at the kids more than usual and "psycho" mum was making regular appearances.
I know what I needed to do, I needed to slow down, do some yoga, breathe, take time out, exercise gently and eat well etc and I've started implementing those things but I also knew that as soon as I started taking 30 plus again after a few days I'd feel the benefits, an instant feeling of calm and peace comes over me and it makes dealing with everything so much easier and most of all I become a much better person to be around.
I take one every morning with my daily supplements - the pack advises a second at night time too - i sometimes forget this one but try to maintain two a day.
The time for them to work varies for everyone, but these are def my go to supplement when I start feeling like everything is falling down around me....instead of adding extra stress to an already stressful environment - these help me stay calm and work my way through everything that still needs to be done.
You can read over their website below to see more thorough information or pop into your local chemist to talk about them with the staff.
They can be purchased at most health stores, chemists and also Countdown - sometime on special too!
They are normally around $35 for a box of 60’s and $60 for a box of 120’s.

Visit: www.30plus.co.nz

*If you feel you are actually suffering depression visit this helpful website for more help, info and a self test you can take online.


Makaia Carr x