Scales can be a real mind FCK, an emotional trigger, a misleading measure and a real detrimental habit!
Don't let them determine your success or solely guide the results of your health journey!
There are so many other ways that can tell you to keep going, that you are on the right track, you are improving your health and making yourself fit, healthy and strong.
We need to take note of all the different milestones and signs along the way that are telling us that our total world and wellbeing is improving - the comfier our jeans are getting, the more energy we have when we wake up, the clearer our skin is getting, the further we are walking or running without having to stop, the easier it gets to climb the stairs, the lighter our kids feel when lifting them, the longer it takes for us to anger, the less irritable we feel, the happier we feel, the positive views we now have, the good choices we are naturally making with food - the day to day activities and choices that become easier because we are getting fitter, stronger and creating new habits.
The scales do not always reflect this. And we jump on them still hoping to see a certain number and get upset and angry when we don't see it - throwing us into a state of failure and disappointment. Sometimes giving up, emotionally pigging out and reversing all the good work we had just reached in all those other areas.
One example for me: yesterday I jumped on the scales at the gym - weighed in at 76.5kgs (normally 72-73kgs) - a fleeting thought of "oh you fatty! Too much Xmas food" passed by, however I quickly dismissed it, didn't allow myself to hold onto it and let it emotionally effect me- im able to do this because I've already trained myself to do so and instead I use the number as a little guide of focus and nothing more.....