What does ‘happiness’ mean to you? What does it mean to be happy?

For me it means being in that place or moment in your life or day when you can laugh and smile freely, you can be ‘you’ without fear and worry, you feel love for yourself and from those closest to you. It’s also about not wanting for more but being happy and thankful for what you have in life.

What makes you happy personally? I feel my happiest when everything in life seems balanced and all the important people are taken care of, including myself. Professionally I’m at my happiest when I see the work I do with Motivate Me impacting and empowering women.

How do you think that taking time to relax can help one’s sense of happiness and wellbeing? Why is it important to do things like spas and therapies to unwind? Taking time to relax, unwind and rest is vital in a balanced approach to health, happiness and wellbeing. For me personally if I don’t take time to slow my mind, focus on the present and connect with what is happening right in front of me or switch off completely then I burn out - emotionally and then physically. At least once a year I take the time to visit a new day spa for a few hours of pampering and absolute ‘me’ time. Recently I visited Polynesian Spa in Rotorua and had an absolutely amazing time among its natural lakeside setting, relaxing in hot mineral pools, in which where acidic

and alkaline waters worked their magic on my body. I followed it with Skin Deep Manuka Aix therapy. It’s nice to have time like this for peace and quiet to reflect, recover and relax.

What do you do? In life and in terms of making yourself a happier, more well rounded person? I like to help people, however and whenever I can. I like to get out in front of people speaking and presenting my experiences and knowledge. My main goal, vision and dream is to inspire and motivate more women to believe in themselves.

What things to you want to do in 2016 to further improve this? I want to make being a member of MMNZ more viable for more women by introducing memberships for all different levels and needs. The support community that MMNZ provides is one that is solid, positive and encouraging. I will also continue to travel the country in different capacities speaking and connecting with people directly, I think this is important for our social media supporters to see us actually get out there and walking and talking our message instead of just typing and posting about it.