I never used to have them. Well I did in my 20's but not for the past ten years or so.

This morning when I was out running in 90% humidity with sweat dripping from every bit of my body, I heard this noise. My ear phones have been stolen by a grumpy teenager, so I'm trying to embrace nature even more and listen to the great outdoors. It back fired this morning as all I heard was this slapping wet noise. It was my bat wings sloshing about, slapping against my body.

For a moment I stopped running, I stood there looking at them and even flicked them a little to see how much wobble I'd got going on. Plenty. Shit I thought. I need to sort that out. Weights or a rapid weight loss programme.

Then I carried on running and remembered last Saturday night. I went to a party and I drank vodka and danced my little heart out. I ate sausage rolls and probably had my bat wings slapping around all night. I didn't hit anyone with them. No one looked at me as if to say, "Sort those wings out Cazza", no one gave a shit.

When you surround yourself with positive people, likeminded people, bat wings don't matter. They accept you for the way you are.

As women, we give ourselves such a hard time, we're so critical on ourselves. I encourage you to embrace your body, whatever shape or size you are. What really matters is what's underneath, right? How your heart works and how your mind ticks. Don't sweat the small stuff people.

Embrace ❤️

Cazza xx