Take the win, acknowledge the journey.

Acknowledge the steps you are taking big or small. Any changes you make towards a more positive lifestyle should be shouted out . Be loud and proud of yourself. It's your journey.

Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Your beginning is not the same as my middle or someone else's end. We are all different and one size doesn't fit all. Celebrate the wins that make up your journey, don't wait till you reach your destination. Small progress is progress and it all counts to get us to the finish line.

Embrace the support you are offerred and lend a hand to others. When we have each others backs and help those that sometimes need an extra cushion of support we all win. Everyone has a journey of their own but we are all in it together.

And when you have a bad day remember it's just a bad day not a bad life. Learn from it, reset and move on. You have the resources and you have the support from everyone, accept them.

Don't judge, be negative or critical of yourself. It's so easy to compare our bodies with other peoples. We've all gone down the path "do I look the same size as her" or "does that outfit look better on her than me". No one has the ability to be you apart from you. You are unique, beautiful and strong!

So let's hear a big loud cheer for everyone showing up each day, making the changes and doing the work they need to get them to the destination lifestyle they deserve.

Lets do this.