Our lives have got busy. So busy that I think we don't even notice how stretched and pulled into so many different directions we are.

This morning once the kids had shot out the door after another morning of hurry ups I headed out the door to squeeze in 60 mins of exercise.
On my return, showered and heating up veges for breakfast I noticed that while I was making breakfast I was also making a cuppa tea, putting on a load of washing, folding yesterday’s washing, sorting out more vegetables to put in the soup stock I made yesterday and writing a list of more to do's for the day.

You know why I noticed all this - my writing on my to do list was messy! I couldn't even read it. I had rushed about doing all these things and that meant also writing so fast it was unreadable. And I was eating like there was a fire happening in the kitchen but I didn't want to miss out on my breakfast.

What has happened to our lives that we seem to feel the need to shove as much as probably not possible, into our days. And if we manage that well surely we can manage a whole lot more couldn't we?

I'm sure this comes into eating too, it's not good to eat fast but it's what we are doing. Eating fast, talking fast and not a lot of listening going on. So since I'm writing this, you can read it slow, take it in and see how you can apply it to your life so that your lifestyle becomes enjoyable, manageable and unrushed!

It is time to stop, breathe and slow down! Stop putting ourselves under so much pressure to get stuff done.