Body Image and Judgement - a topic close to my heart.

This topic is red hot right now and has been thrusted into the spotlight again and again, most recently by Makaia Carr and so it should be. It is something that gets me going everytime. It is so inspiring to see someone like Makaia loving and acceptancing her body for what it is. Everyone should be embracing what their bodies do every damned day. Bodies are machines, they operate at peak perfornance when they are fueled properly, hydrated with water and given optimum rest time to recuperate. Acceptance seems hard for people however judgement comes very easily to many.

I struggled with my weight for years and if people look at me, I guess they think I still do. It's my body weight and the weight of people pressure and judgement. But I don't, this is me. I fuel my body with clean healthy foods 80% of the time, I don't drink alcohol, I drink water, I exercise reguarly. It has taken years for me to get "comfortable" with being me. Probably to be honest only in the last few months. When we brought Motivate Me my main fear was having to have photos taken for everyone to see and what would everyone think of a bigger person running a company that was all about health and wellness. This thinking took me backwards a few steps until I got my head back in the game. Health and Wellness comes in all shapes, sizes and abilities. There are people out there trying to conform to what they "should" look like or what they think people will say about them once they've past them by.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. They are called our bodies for a reason, they're our responsibiity and they've gotten us to where we are now, they've suffered broken bones, illness and birthed children and looked after they will get us as far as they possibly can.

So I encourage everyone to stand tall, stand proud of what your body has done for you and what it continues to do with the best support you can give it to live your life. I say look judgement in the eye and give it the middle finger. K x