Mindset and Doubting from a Curvy Runner

Good days, bad days, we all have them. How we approach the day is going to be the way it goes, so they say. Mindset plays such a huge part of our makeup and doubting our abilities in the things we do is an enormous one.

When I doubt myself out on the trails or putting on a bathing suit, what am I saying to myself. More to the point, why am I doubting myself. Am I not a runner. Can I not swim. I'm a back of the pack runner who h...as won last place several times. Who cares! Certainly not the person that came first place! On the plus side, it's easier to find your results if your last. Don't let coming in last put you off entering anything. It’s always a pleasant chat talking to the Tail End Charlie at the back of the pack.

Do what you enjoy without worrying about what anyone else is thinking. I enjoy walking and I enjoy running. I do it for fitness, time outside in the fresh air and sunshine. For me it’s not about the calorie burn, it’s not about weight loss (that’s another story) it’s about fitness, health and my personal wellbeing. 46 years is too long to start every Monday with bloody diet. My scale has been gone a long time and I monitor my size with my clothing and a tape measure, it works much better for me. Keep the head clear of that scale mind crap. Enjoy - key word.

There is an assumption that an overweight person must be inactive and eats poorly. Don’t assume anything. You don’t know them, you’ve seen them but you don’t know their story at all. Your job is not to raise your eyebrows (yes, I see you) and pass judgement, it is to give encouragement and say, “bloody good job”. That’s it. Like an amusement park ride with a height-restriction sign post, do we suggest “Must be this thin to be classed as a runner” sign or “Must fit between these posts to swim” sign, I don’t think so.

Thankfully there is some diversity happening now. The mindset is shifting. “Healthy” is described measuring what we eat, how much we sleep, how much we exercise and the ways we manage the stress in our lives. Hopefully more and more people will get on board with this diversity. We don’t need doubts and low energy feelings taking up space in our heads, cause let’s face it no one is getting out of here alive, whether you’re a runner, swimmer, your thin or curvy. So next time you see someone out there trying their best, give them a high five not a raised eyebrow.