We are individual. Our lives look similar at times, but we are all individual. Which means our makeup is different and our bodies work differently to any other person - BIO INDIVIDUALITY.
“While watching fad diets sweep the country, from high carbohydrate diets in the 70s to low-fat diets in the 80s to high protein diets in the 21st Century, we have to recognize that no one diet works for everyone. We are way too individualistic to all eat the same food and thrive”.
We have the best indicator of all time at our fingertips every day to figure out how our bodies react to certain foods in the way we eat and drink. OUR BODIES. These precious machines that function every day are the key to determining what your body will function best on, what it will tolerate, what it will dislike and reject.
Sweating it out at the gym with another high intensity workout or getting your Yin on at yoga cause it’s what you think you should be doing no matter how good it is for your body, it’s not good for your state of mind if you don't enjoy it. If you enjoy it continue but if not find something that you do enjoy, you will feel much happier for it.
We live in a world that is focused on being fit and healthy every day all day or at least that’s what social media would like us to believe. But the truth is our happiness is in balance. Those days when we eat well, move well are great but balanced with a great meal out with friends or snuggled up on a cold rainy day with Netflix is balanced wellness.
However you go about seeking your individual balance and wellness, one thing is for sure – achieving wellness is an individual journey. What wellness means to me is different than what it means to you and that is bio individuality. Finding your wellness, your best life is worth every step you take.
Don’t wait your life out living someone else’s <3 Kx