As the weeks fly by and winter seems like it is in full swing, I am negotiating my way around what my days look like as a work from home businesswoman … Over the last couple of weeks I have discovered that working from home has a definite stigma attached to it, several people recently have said but you can do all sorts of things while working from home you are lucky, it’s not really like working… you can fit the cleaning, the washing, the cooking sure yeah there is flexibility but I still have a job, a workload, expectations and I need to achieve these.I am also conscious you need human interaction, so need to factor this in too, it is not as easy as having a chat at the office water cooler.

Boy getting all this sorted, is hard work and takes some thinking and negotiating.My motivator to ensure I get to my office each day is that we are creating a space that woman will feel empowered to grow and become them best version of themselves, making positive changes... Keeping an open mind and understanding that realistically some days ya win and some days you don’t…. procrastination can be real and getting side-tracked is just a perk of the job. It is so easy to go onto our social media pages to check on posts and interact with comments and reactions (that’s the best part of my day) and somehow get lost in the world of Instagram… very dangerous territory, all of sudden it’s like did I miss lunch.

On a call last week discussing this very topic, it was suggested I try the Pomodoro Tracker, so it’s installed, and I am giving it a whirl.Instead of writing my daily lists on paper, I type in what I need to achieve for the workday, how much time I want to send on each task, and it counts me down.It’s great it means I don’t get side-tracked on one topic and if I need some more time, I can extend it out...

So, all the tools to making my days successful are at my fingertips, it’s like life really, it’s all there for the taking.We just have to know what we want it and start the journey of achieving it.It doesn’t have to happen overnight, baby steps but if we have a goal and are working towards that, it’s going to come together.

For me the passion and goal are living a healthy balanced life and empowering other woman to reclaim and become the version of themselves they love, is my why and that will hold me accountable each day. M xx