After nearly a year, I’m getting to the business end of IIN (Integrative Institute of Nutrition) training. As part of the curriculum we attend six Coaching Calls with a tutor and other students. Our tutor sets homework to be completed prior to the next session and this week she said we need to come prepared with “Our Story” to share with the group. First thought… oh sh&*$. But I do have a story, everyone has a story.

I have Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune conditions continue to grow and effect millions of people. Did you know there are more than 80 different types of autoimmune conditions and these are more common in woman than men?

Any hoo… when I was first diagnosed with Hashi's the Doctor was excited, I was excited, we were all excited. Finally, something to pinpoint why I felt like crap, mentally tired and physically exhausted daily, why after washing my hair it looked like the monkey enclosure - so much hair everywhere (seriously how do I have any left)! Why my legs were always dry and needed moisturising constantly. Why trying every "diet" under the sun, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Low Calorie, Low Fat, weight didn’t budge. Why working my arse off at the gym and running I still didn’t lose the dreaded numbers on the scale, I just built muscle and weighed heavier. To be put on medication, saying the weight will drop off now, we’ll get your medication right and you’ll be away laughing. I’m was still not laughing.

To start I was still all about the scales. What I weighed in this universe was the most important thing to me. But I’ve finally taken responsibility for my own health. I try (and mostly succeed) my war with weighing. Avoid it like the plague, but occasionally something happens that sets me back to thinking about the numbers, it'll usually be external.

I am healthy. I am strong. I am fit (ish) – this can always improve! This mindset shift took time and it’s something that can always be worked on and tweaked. It’s about becoming empowered – an empowered patient, an informed patient and a responsible patient to work with my Hashimoto’s. It’s an ongoing condition that will continue to frustrate me, but I won’t resent my body because of it. I will treat it with kindness, real food and good movement.

Without my Hashimoto diagnosis my next chapter as an IIN Health Coach possibly wouldn’t have happened. Silver lining, - I am an advocate for health with real food, a healthy balanced holistic living lifestyle, focused on finding the root causes to any issues and empowering clients to follow my lead in this lifestyle of healthy living.

What's your story? Please share if you feel comfortable, we'd love to hear from you. <3 Kx