As a child growing up my nickname was skinny min. I was tall, skinny and never had a weight issue.

As a contrast my adult life became a roller coaster of diets, weight up, weight down. Diets became the merry go round that was my life. Did they work, yep but only for a hot minute. Not understanding what the heck I was doing to my body and life but more importantly what I was doing to my daughters’ lives, I was on this evolving circle of yoyo dieting for year and years…

Then one day a light bulb went on but really at the time it was more powerful than that, it was like an interrogation light been shone in my eyes……why? My youngest daughter was going through some tough times and had major anxiety, and at dinner one evening she announced I can’t eat that, I am on a diet. I was like what, why, since when? Then, to cap it off, I throw the most common line I could think of at the time… “you’re not overweight; your tall and in total proportion”. However, her response floored me at the time but on reflection it makes perfect sense…” your always on a diet, you can’t eat this and that, you weigh your food, you count points, if you can do it why can’t I?

Because I don’t want that life for you, plus you don’t need to I responded….to have thrown back at me…. well neither do you.

So, the wakeup call happened - what I do next. I started questioning myself, what did I want MY healthy to look like. But like all things it goes deeper than this, why am I so critical of myself, why do I see someone different in the mirror when I look and why did I think this was normal to feel like this? Why aren’t I focussed on how my body feels?

The driver was the dreaded realisation of what I have I done to my children, so I started reading, researching, thinking and looking…. I wanted to be healthy, so I needed to find out what that meant to me first. My journey of wellness started, floundering on my own and then with insight and support I began to understand where and what I should be doing for me as an individual.

I am on a journey of living a life of being fit, strong and healthy and want to share this knowledge to build a generation of mothers, of daughters, of girlfriends empowering and encouraging each other that the answer isn’t a lifelong journey of never-ending struggles, or trying every new fad diet that comes their way is the answer. Where eating well and moving their bodies for 30 minutes a day is achievable but most importantly creating a loving life full of joy and happiness.

With the help of IIN, I am at the point in my journey where I can start to live out the dream…. empowering young girls and women. Unlocking the answer to achieving a happy and well-balanced life for everyone because when we are happy and strong within our bodies we grow and thrive. M xx