This post is a raw encounter of how I was feeling for a morning over the weekend, I am okay but it is a reminder that some days we can feel vulnerable and not our best. This is not mental health advice and please talk to a professional if you need any guidance on the subject...

This post is to say that photos do tell a thousand words...with many different objectives and sometimes it's not what is obvious and sometimes it is.

What do you see when you look at this photo:

1. A middle aged woman (who maybe feels old today) just woken up, lying in bed

2. Someone who feels sad and broken

4. Someone who is sick

5. Or Is just really tired

6. Someone feeling mentally fatigued and bullied

7. Or all of the above

To everyone this picture will look different, everyone's perception, emotions and interactions to how people feel are feeling are so different and this is not a bad thing, this is the reality of life, the world would be pretty weird if we were all the same.

This is certainly not a pity post, this post is asking you to remember that you never really know what is going on in someone's mind or life behind the door or a screen.

We see picture perfect photos on social, please remember it is a snapshot of a moment and more than often than not staged.

Words and actions do hurt...some people wear these on their sleeve for everyone to see, some keep it to themselves and others feel that people need to build a bridge and move on...which ever you are, there is no right or wrong but we need to be mindful that words and actions can trigger something in someone pretty quick and it could hurt and have repercussions.

If you feel that you need to talk to

Even if it's a rambling message send it, the reply back may make all the difference to how you see the moment or feel.

Contact a helpline they have amazing people who can give you strategies to work through the moment.

Can't talk... then write it down...this can be so beneficial, you may share what you write or just writing it is enough to give clarity.

I am not a expert in mental health but from someone who is feeling number 7 on the list today, these are my words, this has helped me and I hope if you are feeling this way you can find solace in doing something to work through it too.

I am off to walk around the lake with Kim...the best thing for me is spending time near water, take care and please be kind. M xx